Ben Phillips

Premier’s Science Fellow

Brenton von Takach

Premier’s EMC Fellow

Haylee D'Agui

Project Officer at Curtin

Holly Kirk

Associate Research Scientist at Curtin

Judy Dunlop

Research Fellow at Curtin


John Ohiolei

PhD student

Tash Harrison

PhD Candidate

(More student profiles are coming. We are also recruiting PhD students to start in 2024.)


Serin Subaraj (MSc Curtin 2021-2023, supervised by Bill Bateman, Damian Lettoof, Brenton von Takach, and Ben Phillips). Population dynamics, detectability and behaviour of tiger snakes (Notechis scutatus) in Perth’s urban wetlands.

Adam Smart (PhD UniMelb 2018-2023, supervised by Ben Phillips and Reid Tingley). Genetic back burning to control cane toads.

Ingrid Crossing (MSc UniMelb 2020-2022, supervised by Matt West and Ben Phillips). Optimal survey design for detecting changes in disease mortality over time.

Henry Petch (MSc UniMelb 2020-2022, supervised by Andrew Weeks, Ben Phillips, Duncan Sutherland, Ary Hoffmann). Designing genetic translocations in eastern barred bandicoots.

Andrew Coates (PhD UniMelb 2019-2022, supervised by Tim Dempster and Ben Phillips). Rapid adaptation in salmon lice in response to control efforts.

Matt West (NESP Postdoc UniMelb 2017-2022, supervised by Ben Phillips). Modelling chytrid dynamics in space and time.

Jeff Paril (Postdoc UniMelb 2021, supervised by Ben Phillips). Gene drives for population suppression.

Jari Cornelis (MSc Curtin 2019-2021, supervised by Bill Bateman, Damian Lettoof, Brenton von Takach and Christine Cooper). The serpent in the Garden of Weeden: a comparison of western tiger snake (Notechis scutatus occidentalis) habitat quality and thermal ecology in native and invasive vegetation

Sally Drapes (PhD UniMelb 2017-2021, supervised by Ben Phillips, Matt Hall, Luke Holman). Australian Daphnia as a model for understanding invasions.

Chris Jolly (PhD UniMelb 2017-2020, supervised by Ben Phillips and Jonno Webb). Ecological and evolutionary impacts of conservation havens.

Naomi Indigo (PhD UTS 2016-2020, supervised by Jonno Webb and Ben Phillips). Conditioned taste aversion for ameliorating the impact of toads on quolls.

Louise Noergaard (PhD Monash 2016-2019, supervised by Matt Hall and Ben Phillips). The invasion of pathogens in a model system.

Kimberly Chhen (MSc UniMelb 2018-2019, supervised by Ben Phillips and Matt West). Daphnia, Gambusia, and chytrid.

Nelika Hughes (NESP Postdoc UniMelb 2017-2019). The impact of Toxoplasmosis on Australian mammals.

Greg Clarke (PhD USyd 2016-2019, supervised by Rick Shine and Ben Phillips). Competition–colonisation trade-offs in toads.

Phoebe Burns (PhD UniMelb 2016-2019, supervised by Kevin Rowe, Marissa Parott, and Ben Phillips). Conservation and management of the New Holland Mouse.

Breanne Johnson (Hons JCU 2019, supervised by Conrad Hoskin and Ben Phillips). The expansion of asian house geckos into native habitats.

Ella Kelly (PhD UniMelb 2015-2018, supervised by Ben Phillips). Targeted gene flow for conservation.

Jack Dickson (Hons UniMelb 2018, supervised by Nelika Hughes, Ben Phillips, Jasmin Hufschmidt, and Rebecca Traub). Toxoplasma in native mammals.

Phil Erm (MSc UniMelb 2016-2017, supervised by Ben Phillips). Invasions and life-history trade-offs.

Kate Saleeba (MSc UniMelb 2015-2017, supervised by Michael Kearney and Ben Phillips). Optimising detection of legless lizards using biophysical models.

Louise Barnett (PhD JCU 2013-2016, supervised by Conrad Hoskin and Ben Phillips). Going feral: the slow-motion invasion dynamics of an introduced gecko in Australia.

Emily Gregg (MSc UniMelb 2015-2016, supervised by Ben Phillips and Reid Tingley). The feasibility of a waterless barrier to halt the spread of toads.

John Llewelyn (Postdoc JCU 2012-2016, supervised by Ben Phillips). Adaptation in peripheral isolates.

Stewart Macdonald (PhD JCU 2011-2015, supervised by Ben Phillips and John Llewelyn). Peripheral isolates as hotbeds of adaptive variation under climate change.

Andrew Coates (MSc UniMelb 2014-2015, supervised by Ben Phillips and Conrad Hoskin). Parasites on the edge: patterns of parasitism across the range edge of the Asian House Gecko.

Amberlee “The Dark Instrument” Hatcher (RA JCU 2013-2016, supervised by Ben Phillips). Research Assistant extraordinaire.

Collin Storlie (PhD JCU 2011-2015, supervised by Jeremy VanDerWal and Ben Phillips). Statistical downscaling the weather: the influence of spatiotemporal scale on ecological predictions.