Judy is a passionate, motivated ecologist with 20 years of experience in threatened species research and ecosystem restoration in Western Australia. Her education and training are in zoology and fauna ecology, in particular landscape-scale species conservation and management. Judy’s research to date, including her PhD, has focussed on landscape-scale ecological reconstruction projects, fauna surveys, best-practice threat abatement and threatened species recovery. She has played key leadership roles in several high-profile fauna recovery programs as well as threatened species research involving collaborations between government, universities and industry to achieve relevant conservation outcomes. She is passionate about conservation and education, and possesses a broad skill base and has knowledge of a wide variety of threatened species and ecological processes.

Judy has worked with some of Australia’s most iconic mammals and has helped manage the threats that impact them. Judy is passionate about the environment and loves working with Traditional Owners and other stakeholders to improve outcomes for nature.


Toad Containment Zone