Ben is a Professor at Curtin University’s School of Molecular and Life Sciences. He is a population biologist with a background in ecology and evolution, and is particularly interested in how spatial processes influence population and evolutionary dynamics. Ben started his professional life as a field biologist, but has slowly morphed into a modeler. He is interested in developing models describing population and evolutionary dynamics, and applying these to real problems in agriculture, health, and environment.

Ben moved to Curtin in 2023 to take up the Premier’s Science Fellowship. Prior to that, he worked at The University of Melbourne for nine years where he was promoted to Professor in 2021. He has also worked at James Cook University, The Australian Wildlife Conservancy, and The University of Sydney in various roles prior to this. Ben has held a Future Fellowship, a QEII Fellowship, and an Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship.


Toad Containment Zone Models for invasions Genomics dispersal Allee drives Antipredator behaviour Salmon Lice Population genomics mammals Targeted gene flow Daphnia in space Quolls and toads