Brenton is a Research Fellow in the School of Molecular and Life Sciences at Curtin University in Perth. Broadly, he uses environmental, spatial, and genomic data to improve conservation management of threatened species and ecosystems. His publications focus on the topics of conservation ecology, population genomics, threatened species management, population demographics, landscape ecology and urban ecology. Brenton is a former Forrest Prospect Fellow at Curtin, focussing on the environmental, geographic and genomic processes involved in the decline of mammal species in Australia. Prior to this, Brenton worked at Charles Darwin University, helping to disentangle the drivers of vertebrate extinction in tropical savanna ecosystems. He completed his PhD in 2019 at The Australian National University in Canberra, which explored the genomic and demographic impacts of wildfire and logging on forest trees in southern Australia.


Toad Containment Zone Models for invasions Genomics dispersal Arnhem skink WT Grasswren Darwin snakes Population genomics mammals Mountain ash