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Members of the Population Biology and Genomics Group attended the Biodiversity Conference 2023: Listen to Country, where they presented on the impending cane toad invasion of the WA Pilbara Region.

Ben’s talk - ‘A plan to keep toads out of the Pilbara’ outlined the potential of a ‘toad containment zone’ to halt the spread of cane toads into the Pilbara region.

Ben speaks at the Biodiversity Conference 2023.

Judy’s talk ‘Cane toads in the Pilbara: What have we got to lose?’ outlined the threats posed to native Pilbara fauna should cane toads invade.

Judy speaks at the Biodiversity Conference 2023.

The Biodiversity Conference 2023 was held from the 10th - 12th October at the University of Western Australia. Academics, environmental consultants, government and non-government organisations, Indigenous organisations, and industry came together to discuss local biodiversity matters. More details on the Biodiversity Conference 2023 here.